Our Services

MSCS Inc. is a proud member of the National Wood Flooring Association(NWFA). We employ all best practices recommended by NWFA guidelines on all our projects.

Hardwood floor installation

MSCS Inc. can install all types of hardwood flooring, from solid strip or wide plank to engineered prefinished or unfinished flooring, as well as laminate and Luxury vinyl tiles on residential or commercial applications. Whether your project involves a completely new install or an addition to existing flooring, we have the necessary skills, experience and resources to successfully deliver a top of the line quality job.

With many factors affecting the optimum performance of your floors (location, relative moisture, temperature, lighting, color scheme, purpose of space where it's being installed), we will analyze your specific situation and recommend the appropriate choice according to manufacturer's guidelines and industry standards.

Hardwood floor refinishing

We specialize in solid hardwood floor refinishing of existing new or old floors. From recent installs to over 100 years old floors(oldest floor we've refinished to date was installed in 1883 in Historic Downtown Norcross), MSCS Inc. is trained in tackling each project with the correct process and equipment so that your floor will be restored to its best possible condition. We use the best equipment, abrasives, finishes and supplies available in our industry. We do not try to save a dollar by selecting a lesser product with a lower cost. We strive for best quality and maximum efficiency, so only the best will do. We offer a wide range of options when it comes to color and finish for your floors. We can explain the differences and advantages/disadvantages between them and will always recommend the most appropriate product for your desired look/feel on your project.


Hardwood floor recoating

It certain situations and under certain conditions, a floor may not require a full refinishing. Instead, we might be able to restore the looks and protection required by just recoating. This process is shorter and somewhat less intrusive, but will only work on floors that present a mild wear while still being in good overall condition. Whether this solution is right for you or not can only be determined after a thorough inspection of your project.

Hardwood floor repair

Limited damage to existing floors, as well as partial replacements or additions can be performed on most types of flooring. Leaks, gaps left by removing walls or reconfiguring a kitchen, pet stains and other situations can be resolved by replacing the affected areas using matching wood (dimensions, species, etc). Some limitations apply to repairs like availability of same product, age of the floors and customer expectations. 
We do not perform repairs on laminate floors or luxury vinyl tiles.
We have a minimum charge of $750  for repairs where we do not perform a full refinish.


Hardwood stairs

We are highly experienced in hardwood stairs installation and refinishing.

stairs installation

We can replace your carpeted steps with new solid wood that will match your floors. Some projects also involve removing/replacing spindles, posts and railings.

We can perform full staircase restorations to provide your space with a new beautiful focal point that's inviting and can highlight the main entry to your home.


Stairs refinishing

MSCS Inc. can refinish your existing hardwood steps  to match your new/refinished floors.